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    Suspension Parts OEM Manufacturer

    Zhejiang Ruitai Suspension Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 1994, is located in Ningbo, a beautiful port city, after 20 years of rapid devel- opment, annual output can reach 50 million sets, more than 10,000 varieties,  has become the industry's largest variety, the largest output of Asia's leading professional chassis supplier.

    In 2015, the annual output value was 8 hundred million, the annual output value was 8.6 billion in 2016, and the output value was 950 million in 2017.

    The company's registered capital is 160 million yuan, the company covers an area of about 210,000 square meters, the total building area of ab- out 190,000 square meters; more than 1,800 registered staff. In 2006, it was awarded the first batch of "National Automobile Parts Export Base Enterprises" by the State Reform and Development Commission and the Ministry of Commerce. In 2013, it won the title of Zhejiang famous brand product.

    Our team
    We have a highly experienced professional and technical management team.
    Ruitai has more than 1800 personnel, including 160 managers, 85 quality managers, 130 engineers and technicians, with a strong talent advantage. To truly realize the corporate culture of "attaching importance to the development of employees, providing necessary training and opport-unities to enable employees and the company to grow simultaneously".



    Quality management personnel


    Engineering and technical personnel


    Production and other personnel



    Rui Tai is committed to the development and production of high technology and high quality vehicle suspension and steering parts.The company has also gained many honors in many years of operation. Shenlong company A-level suppliers, Dongfeng Liuzhou advanced suppliers, hightech enterprises and so on. And have acquired the quality certificate for ISO/TS16949:2009,certificate of environmental manafement system ISO- 14001,and certificate of occupational health and safety management OHSAS18001.

    • IOS/TS16949:2009 quality
      system TUV certification

    • IOS/TS16949:2009 quality
      system TUV certification

    • Shenlong A calss Supplier

    • Shenlong A calss Supplier

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